New Water System Planned for Carlinville, Bunker Hill, Other Communities

New Water System Planned for Carlinville, Bunker Hill, Other Communities

By David Blanchette, Correspondent
The State Journal Register

Macoupin and Jersey County officials announced Wednesday they have been awarded a $66 million federal funding package to construct an aquifer-fed system that will supply at least five areas with a cleaner, more reliable water supply.

The United States Department of Agriculture has approved a $42 million Rural Development loan and a $24 million grant to completely fund the construction of a new system to be operated by the Illinois Alluvial Regional Water Company, according to the announcement made Wednesday by participating municipal officials. The system will feature a new water treatment plant and 47 miles of pipe to supply water to the communities of Carlinville, Bunker Hill, and Dorchester as well as the Jersey County Rural Water Company and the Central Macoupin County Rural Water District. The system is expected to serve more than 27,000 customers.

“My reaction was ‘hallelujah!'” when word of the funding came from the USDA, said Allen Davenport, board president of the Illinois Alluvial Regional Water Company. “This is an idea mixture of funding for this project. It will keep our costs down, and it’s very possible that by the time the plant is done it will actually cost us less to deliver the water than we are paying right now.”

Community water systems benefiting from the not-for-profit Illinois Alluvial Regional Water Company project each have a seat on the company’s board which will oversee the construction and operation of the new water system, Davenport said.


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