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Transportation is a key factor to our lives daily. Road infrastructure is the most important part of all public assets. Because roads are so important, it is just as vital to make sure the roads you travel are engineered and constructed to perfection. You can count on MHE to engineer and care for your transportation projects from beginning to end to make sure every destination you take is traveled on the best constructed and safest roads.

Example Projects

University of Missouri, Columbia
Campus Summer Paving Programs University
Medical Center Emergency Room Parking Lot Design
Campus Parking Lots
Study, evaluate and recommend solutions for parking lot areas and campus streets in various stages of need for maintenance repair and/or reconstruction for the last twelve years. Pavements were evaluated and various options for repair or rebuild were considered. Opinions of probable project cost were prepared, reviewed by the University and the option that both upgraded the existing lot and fit within the budget constraints was determined for each of the targeted parking lots. Options considered for each included seal coats, chip-and-seal surfacing, milling of existing pavements and placing new asphalt overlays and/or chip-and seal surfacing and concrete surface rehab and new extensions. The extent of the existing state of deterioration controlled the extent of repair or reconstruction. Plans and specifications were prepared and provided to the University for their use in the bidding of the projects. The University utilized and produced their own contract documents, conducted the bidding of the project, provided project administration (award/change orders, etc.), and conducted their own construction management of the project.

UMC Medical Center Parking Lot
The Medical Center project resulted in the complete redesign and reconstruction of the parking lot system at the Emergency Room. Firm provided complete design services (PS&E) and construction phase services, with the University bidding their own project.

Boonville, Missouri
Mid-America Ind. Park Improvements
Design water and sanitary sewer extension, new lift station, and new concrete roadway with retaining wall system (to all of cul-de-sac). Project a result of the expansion of an existing industry and to provide for further development of the industrial park. Project activities included topographic survey, utility design, production of plans, specifications, cost estimates, contract and bidding documents for the city-bid project.

East High Street Reconstruction
Jefferson City, Missouri
Preparation of Preliminary Engineering Report, survey, stormwater calculations, design, production of plans, specifications, contract documents, and engineer’s estimate. The firm provided complete construction management and observation services for the East High Street reconstruction, stormwater improvements, and sidewalk project. This is a busy residential and connector street just off of the downtown district in Jefferson City that was subject to extreme flooding conditions during normal to high rain events. Project activities included the construction of a new asphalt driving surface with concrete curb and gutter, and replacement of sidewalks to meet ADA compliance. The installation of new stormwater piping and the new curb and guttering has reduced the incidence of high water throughout this local area.

Wright City, Missouri
Our firm provided plans and construction management for the Belle Road Development as well as numerous sidewalk enhancements, street lighting, pedestrian bikeway and landscape beautification.